Transparent processes

Coordinating the search profile

A carefully coordinated search profile forms the basis of a successful placement. We take time to get to know our clients and their corporate culture personally. Together we discuss and define the areas of competence and responsibility of the vacancy and lay down the professional and personal requirements.

Direct search

In a direct search we identify potential candidates carefully and discretely, taking into account the agreed target companies. In addition to our database and personal and social networks, we screen all the relevant search fields with industry knowledge and creativity.

Evaluation and selection

Through in-depth interviews we determine the professional, personal and cultural aptitude of the candidate using our proven evaluation methods, assess motivation and the reasons for wanting to change jobs, and get to know the candidate well.

Presentation of the best

Following careful analysis of the interviews, we present the selected candidates to our clients together with the respective documentation and a meaningful, well-informed assessment. If requested, we obtain references and supplementary information. In agreement with our clients, we attend the interviews and support the selection process as an independent, trustworthy intermediary and adviser to both parties.

Long-term working relationship

Even after successful recruitment, we continue to support both our clients and candidates in the integration process into the new company. Qualified contact with clients and candidates forms the basis of a long-term, trusting working relationship.