What we provide

Each person has their own strengths, each business has its own, unique culture. Consequently, we consider there not to be the ideal candidate, but a candidate which is suitable. Our own management experience is of great advantage in assessing the perfect match between client and candidate.

It is our ambition, with the aid of professional search strategies and evaluation techniques, but above all with empathy, sensitivity and skill, to bring compatible partners together. This compatibility provides the basis for the synergies which ensure the long-term success of a business as well as lasting employee satisfaction.

Executive Search

Finding the most suitably qualified candidate, in both professional and personal terms, for the executive team of our clients is our métier and our mission. In the search for outstanding executives and sought-after specialists, our clients place their trust in our proven expertise and our discrete efficiency. From the time we are granted the mandate right through to successful placement, we advise our clients in a transparent process, which we document regularly in clearly-structured phases.

Consequently, you are kept up-to-date at all times through the transparent process.

Media-based Search

For mid-tier management positions we offer a media-based search. In addition to advertisements in print media and online, this also includes social networks, national and international recruitment databases, and much more. Which of these options comes into question for the particular vacancy is agreed with our clients prior to commencement of the project.

Change Management Coaching

Changes within an organisation are often accompanied by worry and great mistrust.

Parties become divided, fear and prejudice cause views to become narrow and dialogue is pushed aside. This situation calls for a neutral, external mediator to break through the manifold blockades.

A competent consultant, as a talented communicator with a fine grasp of the situation, can win the trust of those involved through his neutrality and industry knowledge, overcome emotional barriers and open the eyes of the parties to new perspectives and opportunities in the change process.

We offer support to individual leaders or management teams in periods of upheaval and during changes of direction as accomplished mediators, constructive sparring partners and competent advisers.